Imran Kara Clear PLC

Imran Kara setup Clear PLC as one of his first companies. Since then he has set up many companies and is not afraid of trying new ventures. He is now said to be work over 100 million GBP (£).

Clear PLC may have been his first company but certainly not his last. Imran Kara as now decided to take his business internationally. He hires hundreds of staff and is very keen on giving back to the people. He is believes it is the people that make you and it is the people that can break you so you must look after them.

Imran Kara and Clear PLC were setup with a the ethos of helping others. They have help many start up companies and invested millions in interest free loans to help them grow. imran Kara has always had a Clear vision of helping others without the need to receive anything back in return.

His beliefs are Clear to see in everything he does. He works a lot with those that are struggling to setup and make a honest living in this world. He has become a mentor for hundreds of people and he has said he will continue to do so.

Clear PLC is now a company of the past and his many new ventures have more than overtaken the success he achieved with that. He believes that the only way is up and he will keep pushing himself to better not only him self but those around him.

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